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Established in 1959, the LHAECPTA is a non-profit and social organization in Lake Highlands for local parents of children under the age of six. We provide our members the opportunity to connect with other parents, learn more about childhood development, and give back to our community. Through annual member dues, modest fundraising, and corporate sponsorship, we organize dozens of small and large events throughout the year.


Our membership typically ranges 300-350 members a year. Our members receive a monthly newsletter and interact daily on our social media pages. A portion of our membership dues goes directly to PTA state and national dues. With the remainder we pay our annual overhead expenses and help support local organizations with a strong focus on early childhood education. The LHAECPTA relies on sponsorships for the majority of our events and social gatherings.


We thank our sponsors for their continuing interest and support of the LHAECPTA. We strive to continue the legacy that has been in place for over 60 years. Lake Highlands has a small town feel in a large city that so many families seek to raise their children. We could not achieve our many goals without the support of this community. 

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