How do I join the LHAECPTA? 
Anyone may join the LHAECPTA, we are a member of the RISD council of PTAs. Contact if you have any questions about joining, or fill out the online membership form.


How much are the dues?
Yearly dues are $35.00 and are used to fund various activities for our group. The PTA year is July 1st – June 30th.


What are the benefits of joining?
In addition to connecting with your community, there are state and national benefits to  PTA membership. 


When does the LHAECPTA meet?
The LHAECPTA offers many opportunities to meet other parents in the area.

  • Monthly General Meetings
  • Age-based Playgroups
  • Adult Interest Groups
  • Special Holiday and Seasonal Events

Yard Signs

Show your support by getting the word out about the LHAECPTA. Email to purchase a yard sign.


Where can I mail something?
10228 E. Northwest Hwy., PO Box 50
Dallas, TX 75238